Dr. Walter C. McCrone (1916-2002)

Devin Kress (left) and Samantha Deibel of Penn State University speak at Inter/Micro 2019.

Microscopy students at McCrone Research Institute in Chicago.

Selected photomicrographs of some particles that microscopists should know or learn to identify. (The Particle Atlas)

A microcrystal test for pseudoephedrine with dilituric acid reagent

Sample boards with fabric swatches in position for sunlight exposure in Arizona.

Inter/Micro 2020

Inter/Micro 2020 will be held June 8-12 at McCrone Research Institute in Chicago. Join professional and amateur microscopists at the premier international microscopy conference.


McCrone Publications

Microscope Publications (division of McCrone Research Institute, Inc.) publishes The Microscope journal, The Microscope Series monographs, and many other titles.


McCrone Research

McCrone’s applied research in microscopy and microanalysis addresses problems in the forensic, industrial, air quality, asbestos, environmental, and conservation sciences.