Dr. Walter C. McCrone (1916-2002)

Microscopy students at McCrone Research Institute in Chicago.

A composite colored SEM micrograph of an N95 surgical mask containing coronavirus particles, shown as minute yellow spheroids. (Micrograph courtesy of Brian J. Ford)

Central-stop dispersion staining of a mixture of glass particles mounted in nD=1.520 Cargille high-dispersion liquid. (McCrone Research Institute)

A microcrystal test for pseudoephedrine with dilituric acid reagent

Sample boards with fabric swatches in position for sunlight exposure in Arizona.

Inter/Micro 2022

While we can’t meet this year, McCrone Research Institute is here for you now, and we are planning an extraordinary event, which will take place June 13-17, 2022.


McCrone Publications

Microscope Publications (division of McCrone Research Institute, Inc.) publishes The Microscope journal, The Microscope Series monographs, and many other titles.


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McCrone’s applied research in microscopy and microanalysis addresses problems in the forensic, industrial, air quality, asbestos, environmental, and art conservation sciences.