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special characters test

λ τ ρ ε ς α σ δ φ γ η ξ κ λ π ο ι θ υ ζ χ ψ ω β ν μ [Greek letters typed from Mac iOS character viewer.]

“ ” [double smart quotes show as single quotes.]

58° [degree symbol OK]

½ ¾ ⅓ ⅛ ¼ [various fraction symbols, e.g. 1/2]

≈ ≤ ~ × ÷ ± = + [various math symbols]

< >

µµµµµ [Greek “mu” looks good when created with Option+m on Mac keyboard]


Ü ü [upper and lowercase letter U/u with umlaut]

Ä ä


Non-breaking spa ce html code does not work.

n|| – n⊥