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McCrone Research Institute is pleased to offer free articles and other resources of interest to microscopists from all areas of light and electron microscopy. Visit this page regularly for new articles and other helpful content.

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Featured Articles

Contrast Methods in Microscopy: Rheinberg Illumination
A color contrast method uses colored discs near the aperture focal plane of the condenser to provide a colored specimen on a colored background. Almost any microscope can be modified to generate this style of imaging. The Rheinberg technique is a modification of the darkfield method of illumination, and the color contrast enhances the visibility of specimens and their texture. Read article (PDF)

Cleaning a Microscope’s Field Diaphragm
If you have ever looked closely at a field diaphragm or taken one apart, you will notice that it is a complicated puzzle, and careful attention needs to be paid to exactly where things go. One leaf out of place and it will no longer be functional. We were a bit apprehensive about removing the field diaphragms, dumping out all of the leaves and trying to put them back together. Many have tried, few have succeeded! Read article (PDF)

Forensic Applications of Foraminifera
Foraminifera are single-celled protozoa whose tests are found in great abundance on beaches and as fossils in marine limestones. A general introduction to foraminifera and their tests is followed by a discussion of their potential applications in forensic science. Several case examples are described where foraminifera were valuable in solving forensic problems. Read article (PDF)


How to Make a Residue-Free Particle Disperser

Make Your Own Central-Stop Dispersion Staining Objective

Investigation of Foreign Substances in Food


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Books and Lab Resources

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The Optical Properties of Organic Compounds (Winchell)

A Short History of the Early American Microscopes (Padgitt)

A Modern Compendium of Microcrystal Tests for Illicit Drugs and Diverted Pharmaceuticals (McCrone Research Institute)

McCrone Michel-Lévy Chart of Birefringences (McCrone Research Institute)

McCrone Dispersion Staining Color Chart and Blank Graph (McCrone Research Institute)

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