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Central-stop dispersion staining of a mixture of glass particles mounted in nD=1.520 Cargille high-dispersion liquid. (McCrone Research Institute)

Online Learning Session: Dispersion Staining

McCrone Research Institute is currently offering live online microscopy presentations on the Zoom video conferencing platform.

In this week’s session, attendees will learn the basic principles of dispersion staining. McCrone Research Institute microscopy instructor Meggan King will give a short lecture, review setting up the polarized light microscope for dispersion staining, and demonstrate how to make a central-stop dispersion staining objective, which is useful for the detection and identification of small particles. All skill levels are welcome to attend.

(This online meeting has expired. Check this page regularly for new sessions.)


Make your own central-stop dispersion staining objective (Free PDF)
McCrone dispersion staining color chart and blank graph (Free PDF)
Study of minerals by dispersion staining microscopy (YouTube video)

Microchemistry Fundamentals

View Microchemistry Fundamentals, the online learning session about the basic principles of microchemical analysis, presented on May 1, 2020 (video on YouTube). McCrone Research Institute microscopy instructor Sebastian Sparenga demonstrates microchemical reactions using small quantities of material, including illicit drugs and diverted pharmaceuticals.

Check this page regularly for upcoming learning sessions broadcast live on Zoom.


Handbook of Chemical Microscopy, Volume II: Chemical Methods and Inorganic Qualitative Analysis (Chamot & Mason) $78.95 SALE: $49.95, free shipping!

A Modern Compendium of Microcrystal Tests for Illicit Drugs and Diverted Pharmaceuticals (McCrone Research Institute) (Free PDF)

McCrone’s YouTube channel: View other instructional videos on light microscopy and microanalysis.