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The McCrone Particle Atlas - Volume VI: Electron-Optical Atlas and Techniques

By McCrone, Brown, and Stewart

Out of print

The Particle Atlas is the original publication that presented, for the first time, all of the skills necessary for working with small particles – how to choose and use the necessary microscope, how to collect, manipulate and characterize particles of interest and how to identifiy each of the particles in a sample. It is the final product, in two editions, of research commenced under the direction of Dr. Walter C. McCrone with grants made by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to McCrone Research Institute in Chicago and was the first research activity undertaken by the Institute upon its incorporation in 1960. The first edition was published in 1967. The second edition appeared in six volumes from 1973-1979 and the electronic edition was published by McCrone Research Institute in 1992.

Widely recognized, The Particle Atlas is both a unique database of identifying information on all major classes of particulate material and an outstanding reference on analytical microscopy. Particles are described according to individual optical and morphological properties and are revealed by polarized light microscopy, transmission and scanning electron microscopy, electron diffraction, X-Ray and fluorescence spectroscopy. Thousands of optical and electron micrographs are included for visual reference. The text explains detailed procedures for microscope set-up, sample preparation and analysis.

Volume VI: Electron-Optical Atlas and Techniques (Edition Two) – This volume extends Volume III with 1393 additional SEM and TEM micrographs and EDXRA and SAED patterns of the same 412 additional particles presented in Volume V. It describes advances in electron-optical methods, identification of submicro particles, handling techniques, asbestos identification and automation in laboratory instrumentation.

Other Volumes of The Particle Atlas Edition Two

Volume I: Principles and Techniques – Provides the foundation for effective use of all particle atlases. It fully describes techniques for particle characterization, handling, and identification and includes detailed presentations of microscope optics, polarized light microscopy, x-ray diffraction camera, and electron and ion microprobes.

Volume II: Light Microscopy Atlas – 711 full-color photomicrographs of 609 particles including complete descriptions in terms of identifying microscopical characteristics. Each particle is also identified morphologically, the vital key to identifying unknown particles with the light microscope.

Volume III: Electron Microscopy Atlas – Shows and describes 1,827 SEM micrographs and EDXRA patterns of the same 609 particles shown in Volume II. This volume details the procedure for the study of samples by both scanning and transmission electron microscopy. This volume includes 27 TEM micrographs and SAED patterns.

Volume IV: The Particle Analyst’s Handbook – 356 pages of analytical tables, charts, diagrams, glossary, and bibliography that increase the scope and depth of all the other volumes. This volume shows you how to identity literally hundreds more particles than are depicted in the other four “atlas” volumes.

Volume V: Light Microscopy Atlas and Techniques – Extends Volume II with 466 additional particles, and Volume I with new techniques including the laser Raman microprobe, Hoffman Modulation Contrast, developments in dispersion staining, refractive index liquids, and microchemical tests.

Availability: Volumes I – VI are out of print.

The Particle Atlas Electronic Edition

MicroDataware, in cooperation with McCrone Research Institute, created the Particle Atlas Electronic Edition (PAE2) which contains all the information of the classic work on a CDROM. This new edition provides quick and convenient access to all the images, text and tabular information contained in the printed Particle Atlas.

The Particle Atlas Edition One (out of print)

The premier atlas of microscopic particles, this single volume first edition of The Particle Atlas has 512 full-color photomicrographs of particles. Also included are careful descriptions of the techniques necessary for collecting, manipulating and characterizing particles.