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An Evening with Brian 2021

Brian J Ford presented his 37th annual An Evening with Brian in 2021. He discussed the way we will tackle future pandemics.

About Brian J. Ford

Professor Ford is a leading authority on the microscope and a best-selling author, whose research is widely quoted in journals and encyclopedias. He is the author of the Critical Focus column, which has been published quarterly in The Microscope journal since 2010. When he is not speaking at Inter/Micro, Ford travels the world as a speaker and presents his work on television and radio. In 2017, Ford was named an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society. He is a fellow of the Cardiff University; former tutor at Madingley Hall, Cambridge University; and president-emeritus of the Cambridge Society for the Application of Research. He has also served as a fellow of the Open University and visiting professor at Leicester University. Ford has given his Evening with Brian presentations at Inter/Micro for more than 30 years.