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PLM, Forensic Microscopy, Drug Microcrystal, Food, and Other Microscopy Courses

Asbestos ID by PLM, NIOSH 582, Fungal Spore ID, and Other Indoor Air Quality Microscopy Courses

SEM, FTIR, Fluorescence, Sample Preparation, and Other Micromethods Courses

Specialty Microscopy and Other Courses

You may register for McCrone courses by mailing or faxing the McCrone Course Registration Form
to 312-842-1078 or by calling us at 312-842-7100.

Secure online course registration is now available.

If there is a course or a subject not listed that you are interested in, please contact the registrar at 312-842-7100 or email

McCrone Research Institute reserves the right to reschedule or cancel courses because of low enrollment or extenuating circumstances. All of the participants will be notified by email, or telephone. We will make every effort to contact participants as early as possible. Please contact the Registrar with inquires.

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