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Courses taught by the McCrone Research Institute range from basic, introductory courses, emphasizing the proper use of the microscope, to specialized courses focusing on a particular technique, a particular material, or a particular industrial, forensic or environmental application.

McCrone’s intensive one-week microscopy courses focus on the application of microscopy to the solution of chemical, environmental and forensic problems. Every course is based on lectures, demonstrations and laboratory practice.

McCrone’s teaching program also extends beyond Chicago, where McCrone courses are taught nationally and internationally, at universities, corporations and public laboratories. These “on-your-site” courses include most of those in our Chicago curriculum.

The first McCrone courses in industrial microscopy were started in Chicago, in 1952. McCrone now teach about 50 individual courses each year. Most of the courses are either three or five days long and are taught in Chicago where there are three classrooms equipped with polarized light, phase and other light microscopes, as well as SEM and FTIR microscopes, hot and cold stages, our own library, reagents and all of the accessories necessary for critical chemical, environmental and forensic microscopy.